The Toner Connection

NT Systems

Make the connection, call NT SYSTEMS at 818-735-0251 and you can have high-quality remanufactured/compatible cartridges delivered right to your business.

The Reasons are clear:

They provide excellent quality. The cartridges we sell all include a new drum and are made with high-quality components which deliver outstanding results. Last year over one million businesses worldwide used remanufactured/compatible cartridges.

It is good for the ECONOMY. They are remanufactured in the UNITED STATES, which provides employment for U.S. workers.

It is good for the ENVIRONMENT. Over 40,000 tones of unrecycled cartridges went into landfills last year in the United States alone.

It save MONEY. Remanufactured/compatible cartridges cost 30% to 50% less than new ones are are available for most laser printer manufacturers such as: BROTHER, CANON, DELL, EPSON, HP, IBM, LEXMARK, OKI, SAMSUNG, ETC.

      HP PART #  Office Store    NT
LJ 5P/6P 03A $96.00 $33.00
LJ 1010 12A $73.00 $49.00
LJ 1320 49A $75.00 $49.00
LJ 4/5 98A $112.00 $38.00
LJ 9000 43X $299.00 $132.00
HL 2040/70 TN-350 $64.00 $42.00
DR-350 $110.00 $69.00
HL 1230/1470 TN-460 $80.00 $42.00
DR-400 $171.00 $69.00


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